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Andy and Ainslee Crum

Pella Windows and Doors of Oklahoma

Andy and Ainslee Crum together own and operate Pella Windows and Doors of Oklahoma. It was their vision to build Pella on Pistache as an idea house to showcase Pella's innovative window and door products, and to highlight the community of builders, trades and brands in involved in the home's construction.


Pella Windows & Doors of Oklahoma

The Pella on Pistache house project is part of The Womble Company's celebration of one hundred years serving Oklahoma, the company having helped thousands of families through the state realize and enjoy the home of their dreams, most recently through quality Pella windows and doors. 


Murry R. Womble first founded The Womble Company in 1922 in Tulsa, Oklahoma as a building and hardware supply company, his goal being to serve the building industry with sincerity and honesty to accomplish complete mutual confidence and satisfaction. 


The company soon began selling commercial steel windows, eventually expanding in the 1930s and 1940s to add a number of other window products lines and then in 1949 to establish an Oklahoma City location to meet demand.

It was in the early 1970s when The Womble Company partnered with Pella Windows and Doors to begin offering Pella products which the company offers to this day.


In 2017, Steve Womble, representing the family's third generation of leadership, stepped down. Andy Crum, the former vice president of replacement sales and marketing who had worked with the company for more than 20 years, then came on as co-owner. Since then, Crum's wife Ainslee Crum, the great-granddaughter of company founder Murry Womble, joined the team as CFO and recently became part company owner — representing the fourth generation of the Womble family to have ownership in the company.

Just as the company nearly a century after its founding is still characterized by the timeless principles of honesty and sincerity and its desire for mutual confidence and satisfaction for those it serves, the desire is for Pella on Pistache house to embody that same timelessness, but through design and construction ... and of course, Pella's quality window and door products.

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