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The Master Bedroom

Architect: Kenny Craft, Craft Design Studio

Builder: JJ and Lindsey Morris, Scissortail Homes, LLC

Interior designer: Rachel Singleton, Pencil Shavings Design Studio

Wallpaper: 2,950 square feet indoor; 1,350 square feet outdoor

Windows & doors: 5 bedrooms / 4.5 baths


Just off Pistache Lane in the "Blank" District of Carlton Landing, Pella on Pistache now under construction will be a mix of traditional, classical-styling with modern aesthetics with its entirely wood, stone and metal construction. It will feature parapeted gables inspired by Dutch traditional architecture, shingle cladding owing to the styling characteristic of the late 1800s and large, vertical multipane windows reminiscent of those of factories and lofts, allowing for ample natural light.


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